A title that can also act as journaling

Good morning and happy Sunday to all!  Gosh the weekends just seem to fly by don’t they?  I hope you are all well and have been able to find a little time to get into your craft space this weekend.  I had a very full (too full LOL) work week and therefore gave myself permission to have a whole crafty weekend, with minimal chores.

Friday, I posted our regular TIC-TAC-TOE prompt for a little added inspiration, to go along with our monthly challenge over on the Mercy Tiara 27 day scrappy challenge Facebook group (link in the top bar, along with my other social media).  One of the squares is perhaps a little more difficult (or challenging)  that usual:   “Use a title that can also act as journaling”.

Tracy also posted a question yesterday about our most, and least, favourite parts of scrapbooking.  For me, the least favourite part is definitely the journaling.  Sometimes, it does come easily to me but more often than not, it doesn’t.  Or, I don’t feel that the photo requires a lot of journaling, or the picture tells the story sufficiently, or it is really just a cute photo and doesn’t have much of a story.  In those cases, I often resort to a longer title that can act as journaling.  It seems I do that a lot with my pet photos LOL … I give them a voice, or make up a story.  Here are a few examples of titles, and journaling, all rolled up in one :

In this first layout, there really is no story – it just a cute photo of Oliver (my sister’s puppy) sleeping in his new bed.  I had already scrapped the story of the new bed but just felt like making a page with this photo.  So I made up a little story of what Oliver may be dreaming about.  This page makes me smile  :


Here is another example of this:


There are other times when the photo really tells all that needs to be told!  In these cases, I may add a sentence title that just reinforces what the photo already says, so it can be descriptive the way journaling is without being redundant :


And finally, I sometimes use alphas and word, or phrase, stickers to direct the eye around the page, act as a title and tell the story!   In this example, few words are needed to tell the story !


I hope these few examples give you some inspiration, or ideas, on using titles, or descriptive sentences, as both a title and journaling!

As always, thanks so much for joining me and happy scrapping !


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